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Sunday, 11 May 2014


Leanne was up for the weekend and yesterday we drove over to the Honey House. That's not the official name just our name for the farm which sells their own honey.

Every farm has a dog and this one has three, all energetic and ready to run and chase whatever moves, including me.

The hives are protected by an electric fence somewhat essential when you are located in bear country.

The bees seemed quite active this early in the season but I guess there are enough young plants around for them to visit and get the nectar.

Their honey is delicious and we always get a jar whenever we visit. My sister sent me an article by David Suzukie in which they discussed the concern of pesticides and toxins been found in honey samples taken from hives located near farm crops which were heavily sprayed. That is something I hadn't considered.

To learn more about the Honey House click   HERE

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who read our blog. Hope the kids make lunch for you.


  1. What a sweet entry for Mother's Day !! Yes our bees are in much danger. You certainly are lucky to have such a thriving bee/honey business in your area. Hope all is well. Lisa and I are considering a drive for a visit. How does the last week in May sound ??? Possibly the Monday ?

  2. Hi Pat. Monday is great. Not sure if you got my email saying as much. Looking forward to a visit.