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Thursday 22 May 2014


Once I had all the needed parts from the hardware store there was no more procrastination.  Time to start measuring, cutting, fitting and building.

My first plan was to cut holes in the sink cabinet
to accommodate the drain lines but after some thought I managed to install the drain lines without damage to the cabinet. Yea! In this picture everything is just friction fit, no glue until I see how the water lines will go.

Here you can see the water lines running under the cabinet. I still need to clip them to the wall but they do deliver hot water to the correct side of the faucet.

There's the proof, we have water in the back bathroom.

I even ran a line for an outside faucet complete with a valve and bleeder so I can drain the line in the fall before everything freezes.

Pex water lines are so easy to work with and perfect for the DIY crowd. Unlike the old copper pipes I grew up on the Pex joints don't need solder, rarely leak, and are so simple to connect.  Don't fear new technology, it is usually easier to use than first imagined.

Next job will be two porcelain shelves in the shower. 

There's always a next job.

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