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Friday, 25 July 2014


Our summer job list is shrinking quickly thanks to Paul and Tien.

Mary has always wanted a trellis for her garden and Wednesday the boys delivered.

Tien cut the wood, Paul attached the pieces and Mary kept a close eye making sure it was done to her specifications.

Everything was checked for appearance and alignment before making the final connections.

Done, looking good and Mary was so delighted with the finished trellis. Guess what? Now she has ideas for more. Why limit yourself to just one when Paul and Tien did such a fine job.

Once the trellis was up Mary planted the blueberry bushes Connie had given her. In a few years this garden will be giving us lots of apples and berries, yummy!

Today Paul and Tien leave for home. It has been great having them here. We will miss them.

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