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Wednesday 23 July 2014


Paul and Tien arrived on Monday and we soon had them at work.

Tien started off splitting logs and stacking firewood.

Paul used the bobcat to move the logs closer to the log-splitter. If you look closely you can see Freckles (their dog) behind the bobcat.

Later I showed Tien how to attach the forks to the machine.

He then used the bobcat to clean up the yard and pile the logs where we plan to use them to build a compost bin. We liked the compost bins Robert had built from logs and will do the same.

Today we will get the chainsaws out and thin brush. Tien will use the bobcat to haul the brush further back away from the house.

With two extra hands here for a week we are getting a lot accomplished. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the sunshine.

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