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Tuesday 22 July 2014


We discovered nightly visitors were destroying sections of the garden recently. One solution is to trap whatever it is that pulls up and tramples over everything. 

Another was to wrap the garden in plastic. Our neighbor has done this with a measure of success so we decided to try it as well. 

You can see the empty sections of the garden where the peas have been removed. They too had all been eaten...but for the shells left as evidence. Grrr. The tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, herbs and squash were left untouched, so we are grateful for that.

Not much is attracted to garlic. Something did  manage to walk through my small patch and tramp half a dozen down, so I have pulled them out to use. The rest I will leave in the ground until at least 3 leaves turn yellow.

My Heugall hill is coming along nicely. The zucchini are producing. The tomato plants look greener and thicker that in the garden (something to think about for next year). No kale.........chickens love kale. Won't be planting that on the hill next year. 

Apple tree update. Well two lovelies look real good. The tree was full of blossom this spring. Being year 2 I decided I needed to pull off at least half the blooms to ensure larger fruit. That left at least 40 blossoms with the promise of fruit. Not sure what happened, but all but these two died off.??

We are learning about gardening up here in the bush as we go. Local farmers and friends always have suggestions when we have questions and we have many questions. Each year our soil gets a little better and we learn a little more about what to plant and what to do to keep the little critters on the other side of the fence.

What we do get from the garden is delicious and so we will continue to refine our strategies and selections.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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