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Friday, 18 July 2014


Mary spent the last week visiting Owen, Sherri and Rob. There is no better way to spend a week than with your grandkids. You can spoil them, keep them up late, change their routines, then go home and let the dust settle. Wonderful.

Yesterday I drove down to Paterborough to meet Mary. We have discovered how convenient and relaxing the GO system is. For those not familiar with GO it is the transit system run by the provincial government to move people about and get a few cars off our roads. The GO drivers are wonderful, very helpful and patient with those of us just learning how to use the system. They will even phone ahead and ask for a bus to wait a few minutes if they know a passenger needs to make a transfer. Now that's working to keep your customers happy.

Photo taken in 2011

My drive down takes me past a few of the hundreds of lakes we have in this part of the province. This is vacation time and our lakes are busy with boaters and cottagers enjoying their holidays. 

If you don't own a cottage you can rent a houseboat and still enjoy the water.

These kids were playing in the rapids at Burleigh Falls. Glad to see they were wearing their life jackets.

Finally got to Peterborough and had time to kill so stopped at Costco for a wander around. I met Marvin and Annie who just happened to be shopping at Costco the same time. We had a great chat, got caught up on all our news and then it was time to get Mary. This is her bus stop where we planned to meet, but as you can see no Mary.

The bus arrived thirty minutes late. Seems the train was stopped coming from Toronto and inspected for some reason.

In spite of the delays it is still a great way to travel and real cheap if you are over 65. Mary still has to pay full fare, me I'm cheap.

Today it's a few jobs outside and get the house ready for visitors next week.

Happy Anniversary Bob and Jackie. Sorry we will miss the party.

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