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Monday, 21 July 2014


Robert has some beautiful old barns on his property. I particularly like this stone foundation and try to imagine the labour and skill that went into building it. I'm sure this land was cleared by hand and the barn built with manual labour too.

An old windmill still standing, still in use. Before electricity came to the rural parts of Canada this was the way they pumped the water out of the ground for the cattle.

Scattered around the fields were old horse drawn implements once used to plant and harvest crops. Today they lie silent in the sun slowly decaying and slipping deeper into the soil. This plow was actually used to harvest potatoes. With its winged blade it would roll the potatoes onto the field where they could dry and then be collected.

Horse drawn implements and old barns reminds me of my uncle Gordon's place.

Hope you have good memories of farm life long ago.

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