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Saturday 6 June 2015


This is the season for turtles; the time of year they crawl out of the pond to lay their eggs. For a turtle this doesn't happen until they are about 17, so the girls in these pictures are not spring chickens.

It was a little crowded last night when we noticed two turtles within feet of each other laying eggs up by the house.

They spent hours digging and moving sand even crawling over to visit each other.

They seldom go with the first hole but as you can see, dig many, until just the right conditions are found. Not sure if it might also be to confuse predators like raccoons who are out each night sniffing for turtle eggs. 

Last year we covered any nests we found with chicken wire. This year we have decided to let "turtle life" progress without our interference. 

Off to Toronto to celebrate Paul's retirement. Looking forward to seeing everyone in a few hours. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Safe travels everyone.

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