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Friday 5 June 2015


As promised the water line is in and working as it should. PEX is so easy to work with and almost foolproof.

First job straighten the pipe so Mary can feed it under the deck.

Looks like trying to feed an elephant through the eye of a needle. I did manage to crawl under there and get the water line in place.

Once the line was in place it was a simple matter of sliding the ring on ........

............... inserting the tap and clamping it down tightly.

Tap secured in place.

That black ring secures the pipe to the underside of the deck, very easy.

At the other end of the run I installed a "Sharkbite" elbow. This connection allows me to disconnect the pipe and let the water drain out in the fall. I can reconnect this elbow thousands of times with just a simple push of the pipe.

The water line enters the house behind a steel panel which is easy to remove if the line is ever damaged.

Inside another "Sharkbit" connection with a shutoff. This allows me to disconnect the pipe and use an air-compressor to blow out the water line; another step in making sure our line doesn't freeze this winter.

PEX is the easiest way to run a water line I've ever used. It beats the old copper pipe by a country mile. No torches, no solder, no burning wood, just cut, fit and clamp. You will love it.

Hope you enjoy your own PEX project as much as I did mine.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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