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Monday 8 June 2015


We've had our meat birds for two weeks which makes them a month old. They have adjusted to their  new home without a problem and so far everything is secure; no evidence of predators gaining access to the coop.

The coop is very basic and very open, just 2x4s covered in chicken wire with plaster mesh around the bottom two feet. We also extended the mesh 12 - 18 inches below ground to discourage predators from digging under the coop.

We have a radio playing our local station 24/7 and this also helps to keep those looking for an easy lunch away. We suspended it from the ceiling to keep the birds from walking over it and turning the radio off. As you can see we have a tarp that covers half the coop and keeps that area dry for the birds. 

Mary cuts clover each morning and spreads it inside the coop. The birds know this and come running towards the door when they see her approaching; how quickly they learn.

This week we are going to design a new feeding system. We have been using plastic flower boxes to hold their food but they toss so much around it gets very messy. Watch for new pictures next week.

If you've ever raised meat birds let us know how it went. We are always open to suggestions and advice from those who have gone before us.

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