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Sunday 28 June 2015


Just as we were about to sit down for supper Mary spotted him down by the pond; our black bear was back.

When I opened the screen door and stepped onto the porch he turned and looked. For a few seconds we locked into each other and then he turned and continued meandering along the stream.

Seeing a bear so close twice in the same month is exciting for us. I've been told there are lots in the area but for years we hadn't seen any on our property. We will definitely be making noise any time we venture into the bush. 

No reason to be alarmed or curtail our activities as this is to be expected when you live back in the bush. The bears we've seen are just passing through, walking their territory looking for food. So far they've done no damage and have left our chickens alone. I think I'll set up Marvin's trail camera and see who visits at night; I know the deer do.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll keep you posted if he returns.

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