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Monday, 1 June 2015


It has been a busy few weeks with us away to see my sisters and then Leanne and Jamie here for a few days. I've just been too busy to write.

But here we are, a new week, a new month and time to start my summer project.

It's painful to cut into a wall but I need access to a water line and this was the closest line available. Fortunately it's in my office which hasn't been finished so the damage will be easily repaired.

I need to drill through the wall just above the drain plug in the floor. The wall is 16 inches thick, 4 of those inches being concrete with rebar. I don't want to hit the rebar.

The water line will exit the wall just to the right of my office window. (first window) From there I will run the line under the deck to the south side of the house where Mary has our compost bins. She has planted squash there and needs easy access to water.

The compost bins are on the south side of the house.

I'll run the water line to the corner of the deck and then we will use a hose to water the squash. I'm off to town this morning to get a 100 foot roll of PEX. 

PEX has revolutionized the installation of domestic water lines as it is so simple to work with and almost impossible to have leaks once all the parts are cut and connected. It's also good for exterior locations as it is plastic and allows a little expansion if frozen compared to copper pipe lines that would just burst.

Time to shop and I'll report tomorrow on my progress.

Still happy with our "Xplornet" service. We've been using it since May 25th, watch a movie every night and have used 4.43 GB to date. Looks like our 40 GB capacity will do us just fine.

Update - June 2/15: Today's reading for Xplornet is 5.36 GB, a usage of 0.93GB over 24 hours. That includes a movie, blog entry and general daily use of the internet.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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  1. Onesfromtheeast1 June 2015 at 20:07

    good work on the water for Mary!