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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Our water line installation didn't happen yesterday. By the time we returned from town it was 4:30 and the chickens needed our attention. Today Mary is off buying fabric for her quilts so I doubt we will accomplish much today.
Yesterday's luncheon at the curling club was delightful and a chance to meet and chat with new friends. Mary has her back to the camera and Linda and Durl are to her right.

There were about 50 retired teachers present. Our meal was BBQ chicken with a variety of salads followed by two guest speakers who highlighted local services for seniors living in the Bancroft area. 
Road construction continues as usual. In Canada, once the thaw is out of the ground the construction crews are out repairing or improving our roads.

This year Bay Lake road is being widened and the sight lines improved.

The blasting crews were busy last week as you can see and next week they will move this rubble and work on the road surface.

As for us we continue looking after our chickens and enjoying these warmer days and larger crowds in town. A new candy store just opened and when we walk our circuit we walk right past it; oh the temptation. They sell candy by the piece, in paper bags, just like they did when I was a kid.

Enjoying summer in cottage country. Thanks for stopping by.

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