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Tuesday 2 June 2015


Yesterday I went to town to get 100 feet of PEX piping. The local hardware store had it and the guys there are very helpful in explaining how things work or the job should be done. So in 30 minutes I had all my plumbing parts for the job back home.

But I had grocery shopping to do and also my walk to get in. I'm trying to walk 5 miles a day and walking back here in the bush isn't that pleasant these days; too many black-flies. So between walking, shopping and checking my blood pressure at the drug store it was 12:30 by the time I got home.

It didn't take long for the hammer-drill to go through the 4 inches of concrete. You can see the water line beside the drill that I will cut into later.

Water line fits through the wall, no problem and that was as far as I got yesterday. 
The next step is to remove the outside steel panel and run the line under the deck. I may wait a day or two for the bugs to disappear before tackling that. Mary will need to feed the line to me as I crawl under the deck and nail it in place. 

Today we are off to a luncheon at the curling club so it wont happen today. I think by Wednesday or Thursday we should have water running.

Our chickens are growing and happy in their new home. At night they huddle together under a cardboard box to stay warm. We've seen no predators or sign that any animal is trying to get in.

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.

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