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Monday, 30 December 2013


Whenever we visit Carol and Don we like to walk over to the Welland Canal and watch the ships go through the locks.

This freighter from Algoma Steel was heading down river towards Lake Ontario. I was surprised the lock system was still being used this far into winter.

Talk about a tight fit and it didn't bump either side; amazing seamanship.

A little smoke, a little power and the freighter begins to move out of the lock.

Don takes one last picture before the ship disappears down the river.

When we arrived home after being away for 5 days our batteries were at 100% and the house was a comfortable 18*C.

This morning, as I type, the outside temperature is -20*C. Inside we are comfortable, the wood stove is working just fine, the batteries are at 94% and we expect to see the sun later this morning.

Once the sun appears we can forget about using the wood stove as the passive solar design of the house will keep us warm without burning any fuel.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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