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Tuesday 24 December 2013


We have been without internet connection for the past 36 hours. Ma Bell notified us that we were at the limit of our monthly data quota but for $50.00 they would keep us connected. Since our new month allotment starts on the 24th I thought that $50.00 was a little steep for 36 hours. I took the option to decline their offer and went outside to shovel snow.

But now we are back, connected and ready to share. 

It's getting a little crowded in town. Most businesses just stack the snow and some are now using quite a bit of their parking lot for snow removal.

My view as I was clearing our driveway during the storm on Sunday.

Update 12 pm

Our solar panels and Airstream trailer at 11 am this morning. It was -14*C when this picture was taken.

Although cold outside the sun was out and this is what the solar panels were putting into our batteries at noon today.

Looks like a winter wonderland outside. Stay warm and healthy everyone. Not sure when I'll post again as we are visiting family and friends for Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by and wishing everyone Peace, Joy and Love this Christmas.

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