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Thursday 12 December 2013


Winter has been hanging around all week giving us more white stuff than we need.  The snowmobilers will be happy.

Our forest is looking like we are the north pole; white, cold and silent. Very few critters were out and about yesterday, even the birds were grounded.

This little guy was staying close to the house.

Would you be running around in this if you were a chipmunk? I don't think so.

Mary stayed inside as well and made this bean bag to stop the drafts from the bottom of the door. Yes when it gets down to 20 below Celsius we can see the ice forming under the door. Hope this will solve that problem. 

This morning when I got up it was -28*C outside. We are still amazed that our wood stove alone can keep our house warm.

Sherri and Rob; you picked a good time to go to Jamaica. Is Owen enjoying the beach?

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels Annie and Marvin.

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