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Tuesday 31 December 2013


Don and Carol's new home came with more than smoke alarms.....

It has its own sprinkler system. Each room has one or two of these nozzles that will spray water like a fire hose if a fire ever occurs. Such systems are rare in house construction here but are required by law where Don and Carol live. Why?

The simple answer is delayed firetrucks. If the lift bridge happens to be up when the firetrucks are responding to an emergency call, they could be delayed 20-30 minutes. Such a delay would be catastrophic in a fire situation. Thus the building code for that area requires that all new homes come equipped with a sprinkler 

Here Don points to one sprinkler in the basement that must be left exposed when he closes in the ceiling.

Their house is beautiful, comfortable and fire protected; not a bad combination.

Carol made sure we were well fed, healthy well fed. Lots of delicious salads, fish and low calorie cinnamon buns. I'm hoping they were low calorie because they sure were irresistible.

Thanks again Carol and Don for looking after us so well.

Safe travels everyone and a Happy New Year to all our readers.

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