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Friday, 13 December 2013


Paul loves to fish. He has been very good to Mary teaching her the proper way to put on a lure, what lures to use for different fish and what equipment she needed to be successful. 

Last summer Paul caught this beauty ..............

It's a small mouth bass and they put up quite a fight.

Once the fish was hooked Paul knew it was a good size. Two broken wrists from an earlier accident weren't about to stop Paul; he was determined to land that fish regardless of the pain and now it hangs proudly on his wall. Beautiful catch Paul.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I'll by back in the bush taking part in the Christmas pageant.

Here's a picture from last night's rehearsal. Remember to bundle up if you are coming Saturday or Sunday night. It's cold out there. Pageant runs 6 to 9 both nights.

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