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Sunday, 1 December 2013


I purchased some  photography e-books and want to learn a few more essentials in taking decent pictures. One suggestion was a tripod. 

My cheap basic tripod.

Now I've had a tripod almost as long as I've had a camera but seldom use it except for low light situations. One problem with a tripod is carry it along with a camera, extra lens, filters, etc. 

So I asked Mary to make a bag for my tripod that I could sling over my shoulder and easily hike to my photo spot without the hindrance of carry the tripod in my hands. After much discussion this was our solution.

Yoga Bag

No cost, just re-purposed. I looked on line and there are lots of commercial tripod bags for sale; but why buy when you can make. Then the light went on; why make when you already have.....?

Another idea is to use a bag from one of those folding chairs we all use in the summer. Those bags are sturdy, waterproof and close tightly so the tripod won't fall out. I may switch if the yoga bag is too small.

So now I'm off to hike up the road and take more pictures. The e-books came with assignments and it was suggested we devote a week to each. I'll be doing lots of hiking this winter.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels.

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