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Friday 13 December 2013


We prefer to hang the clothes outside even in winter. Sometimes that's my job and yesterday I was out there in my PJs, hat, vest and crocs hanging clothes. 

It was cold, I mean really cold and there was snow on the deck, Snow, and I was wearing crocs with holes, you know the kind designed to be worn on the beach to let the water in and out. Yesterday they let the snow in and it didn't leave just melted.

I was in a hurry, get the clothes on the line, get back inside beside the warm fire. Simple objective until .........

Ooops! There was no way I was going to retrieve those, not dressed the way I was.

So why do it ..... suffer so when we could dry everything inside where it is warm. Simple answer ....... smell.

Nothing smells better than clothes fresh off the line. Have you noticed?

Anyone coming up to stay in the bunkie? You will be like the clothes on the line ...... frozen stiff.

Winter in the north, lots of snow, temperatures consistently freezing and hot chocolate by a warm fire. Life is good in the frozen north.

Happy Birthday Sharon! Hope you are feeling better.

Safe travels everyone.

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