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Friday, 27 December 2013


We are in the Toronto area visiting family and friends. We had no idea of the devastation from last Sunday's ice storm until we drove through Brampton today. These pictures were taken this morning six days after the storm hit. The pictures do not convey the impact of seeing such destruction street after street. There are still people without electricity.

Haggert Street is still blocked from downed trees and limbs, six days after the storm.

Mill street looking south from Craig street. Hydro crews were busy trying to clear limbs and restore power.

Mill street south of Harold.

Trotters Lane, our old street. (click on pictures to get full view)

Living in the north is a piece of cake compared to the hardships so many of our neighbours in the south have been dealing with this week.

It takes your breath away when you stand there and see the destruction with street after street still littered with downed trees and branches.

My hat is off to all those you came to their rescue.

Thank you.


  1. Hey Living Off Grid,
    Just found your blog via the ice storm post. We have been living in our Airstream Safari while the foundation of our house in Toronto is replaced and were the only ones with HEAT during the ice storm...had to power our battery with our tow vehicle for a few days but all in all better off than having to find alternate housing with three labradors in tow.
    Hats off to you. Our next adventure will be building our passive solar home on the Bay of Quinte. parallell lives? Check us out at

    1. Hi Joja;

      Checked out your blog. Quite the adventure and challenges you are dealing with. Love your lot on the bay. Once your passive solar home is up it will be tough to hit the road.
      All the best with construction. If you have any questions send them our way.