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Wednesday, 15 January 2020


I just returned from two days in Toronto where I had a CT scan done and a followup with the doctor the same day.  When possible we try and get any appointments all done the same day to avoid repeated trips.

Fortunately all our children live in the GTA so plenty of choices of where to stay overnight.

I walked over to Toronto Western  Hospital where I was booked for the CT scan at 10:30 a.m. Since I had to be there early to take a dye medication I left the house just before 8.

Once inside the hospital I needed to find the correct room which can be a challenge. Toronto hospitals tend to be huge covering several city blocks with multiple wings and countless floors to navigate through. I found a map showing the site plan of the hospital and as I was figuring out my route a young Asian lady stopped to help. Here was an employee dashing off to work willing to stop and help a confused old man. It was a most appreciated help and a fine start to the day.

I arrived at the correct reception area in plenty of time, got registered and tagged (they tag everyone these days) and told where to wait. Soon a young technician came in with a cup of juice I needed to drink before we could proceed. He very patiently explained the procedure, what to expect and spoke clearly so I could understand him.

I had an hour to wait so spent my time observing the flow of  human traffic through reception. There was a constant line of patients from all walks of life each treated with the same dignity, patience and respect I had received when I arrived. Our health care workers are the best.  Extra care and assurance was given to those who were confused.  Never did I see a health provider lose their cool or show any distress when dealing with these people.

Finally it was my time to get ready for the CT scan.  I was escorted to the waiting room, told to change and then met with the technician who would be doing the procedure. Once again nothig but professional care and concern was shown. He made sure I was comfortable and asked if there was any discomfort to let him know.

The procedure took a little longer than expected as the doctor wanted a second scan to get a clearer picture.

Once done I dressed and took the shuttle bus to Toronto General Hospital for my consultation with my urologist.

They were extremely busy in the cystoscopy clinic as is the case whenever I visit. Everyone is working nonstop but once again very helpful when you have a question. I saw the doctor on time and was told that my right kidney is enlarged. Why this has happened he didn't know as the pathologist report hadn't come in yet.  I may have to return next month for more testing or simply continue with my yearly monitoring, they will let me know.

I write this so my readers outside of Canada can sense how the Canadian health system works. The care I received yesterday was professinally delivered, world class care, provided by highly trained compitent individuals who all care about their patients.

Mary had spinal surgery several years ago; same experience. The finest care, from truly dedicated people who went overboard making sure she was well looked after.

In both cases as is our health care coverage we never received a bill.

Safe travels everyone and stay healthy.


  1. hahaha, how did you manage a pic from our old balcony? Impressive ;)
    Glad to hear everything went smoothly

  2. Hope you guys continue to stay healthy! Thank you for leading in this alternative lifestyle!

  3. thank you for sharing! we are off gridders in the US down in arkansas. it's wonderful to hear from a 'real person' how your healthcare system works up in canada. our media and politicians always portray your system as 'lacking'. i hardly believe either source at all! stay healthy can keep enjoying the good life! we sure do, we're 61 and 50 and this life style will keep all of us young!

  4. I'm new, love your lifestyle, I've always love to stay in Canada but dont have the opportunity, but I'm happy to have a glimpse of life in Canada from both of you, stay healthy and happy ...