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Saturday, 27 July 2013


We love company even those who just show up. Last week Tina was here and then Leanne called to give us a "heads up" that she and Sarah would be stopping by for a quick visit.

Company always arrives hungry and we enjoy pizza on the BBQ so that's what we served, home-made delicious pizza. 

Leanne's visit was short but I did manage to get her picture just before she left. 

Sarah took a few quick pictures of the place and then they were gone.

After the dust settled we loaded Tina and her gear into the truck and dropped her off on highway 28. 

She is doing a cycling tour of Ontario and her next destination is Pembroke. 

Happy cycling Tina.

If you are thinking of coming up be sure to check with us. The beds may already be booked or we might be down south visiting family and friends and we don't want to miss you.

Just send us an e-mail so we can co-ordinate dates.

We love summertime. It's the best!!!!! 

(Happy Birthday Rebecca)

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