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Saturday, 27 July 2013


We have neglected our canoe and kayak during construction. We enjoy getting out on the lake, especially on a warm evening, but our boats have sat neglected down at the docks. So, with Tina here, we decided to get out on the power washer and do some serious cleaning.

First job was to bring the boats up from the lake.

Mary worked the power washer ....

.... while I scrubbed the hull.

Next, Tina got to work on the Kayak. She scrubbed the hull.

Mary cleaned the spiders out of the inside.

She even had energy to clean her car. Now that everything has been cleaned up it's time for a paddle on the lake.

If you drop by and we aren't home, check the water. We enjoy going for an evening paddle when the water is like glass.

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels.

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