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Wednesday 17 July 2013


Here is the chicken report after one week. I think they have gained some weight. Their feathers are certainly coming in. Routines are being set. Art and I put the chickens in the coop every evening. I used to have to take them out again in the morning. You can see here, as soon as the door is opened the chickens pile out!

They run up and down the ramp throughout the day, but I still have to carry them into the coop come evening.  

They are very playful, running and jumping and challenging each other. Eating and sleeping are their favourite activities. 

My garden continues to present its bounty. We eat from it every day, even if it is only greens. Zucchini and peas this week. 

I will report again next week on the chickens. Hope you find a place to keep cool today; it's supposed to be a scorcher.

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