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Wednesday, 24 July 2013


We were so busy moving brush and clearing land I didn't take any pictures yesterday. These pictures were taken this morning after we got the bobcat out. (still having problems changing the header)

There she sits, all alone in the bush, but at least she is free. You can see the deep ruts in front of her and once I had buried her up to her pan there was no way she was getting out on her own. 

Mary brought the truck down, hooked the chain on and we slowly pulled the bobcat free of the muck. I'm working down along the creek so the ground is soft and it is easy to get bogged down.

Can you see all that brush pilled high behind the tree? We still have to move it. With the cooler temperatures we had last night it feels like the ground will soon be frozen. Yes it got down to 10*C last night but that won't last and we still have lots of summer ahead of us.

Guess we will wait until the fall to get the rest of the brush.

Have a great day and stay out of the mud.

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