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Wednesday 8 May 2013


Nathan and Matthew have been coming over after school to help us clear brush and cut down more trees. They usually stay until the sun starts to set and the black flies decide it's time for supper. Working in the bush when the black flies are out isn't pleasant but neither boy complains.

When you go into the bush to work you need the right tools, bug repellent, safety boots, pants and hat.

Nathan checks the tree then notches it in the direction he wants it to fall. So far he's at 100%

Another tree comes down.

Once down I use the "bobcat" to lift the trunk so Nathan can cut it up into firewood.  Yes I know, I'm in the air-conditioned cab, Nathan is out there with the blackflies.

Owen likes to help around the house too. Here he is helping Oma sweep the deck, using a stick. He has the right idea just not the right tool. He's such a sweetie. We love every minute together.

Owen and grandpa off to town. Like most guys, Owen likes to drive the big truck.

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