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Wednesday, 29 May 2013


It is a sad day here. Looks like our turkey has vacated her nest. We would see her under the bird feeders several times a day and suspected she had a nest nearby. 

Yesterday while clearing the trees we cut down on May the 12th, Matthew was startled when she suddenly erupted from the brush he was about to move. 

We thought the nest would be further from the house but it was tucked under the limbs of the trees (in the middle of the picture above)  the boys had cut down 3 weeks ago. 

We immediately left and worked in another area hoping she would return but so far she hasn't. There are 13 eggs and I think by now they have been left too long without her attention. 

We love living so close to nature and want to avoid disturbing their habitat or life cycle to the point where they leave the area. Next year we will be sure to give her lots of space if she decides to hang around here again.

Send us a note if you have any suggestions.

Update - 3:10 pm

The turkey in the above header just showed up and is enjoying what bird seed it can find on the ground. Unfortunately I don't think it was the one on the nest.

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