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Tuesday 7 May 2013


We are enjoying some of the warmest May days we've every seen up here; much more like July than May. Yesterday it reached 26*C and felt like 30. Our house is cool and the deck is the perfect place to enjoy the afternoon.

But we do have jobs to complete so it wasn't all sitting around. With so many trees coming down it was time to get the log splitter started and start stacking firewood for next year.

The log-splitter makes the work so much easier, saves my back and gets the job done quickly. We can easily split and stack a half cord in an hour.

While we worked Owen napped but once he was up he wanted to explore. Oma had to let him try out the skid-steer  Don't worry Rob they just sat in it. It will be a few years before he is able to operate it and help us around the property. Right now all Owen is able to do is walk around pointing at things. He does know that pushing buttons does make things move sometimes. What a smart one year old.

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