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Saturday 4 May 2013


As mentioned in an earlier post the weather here has been perfect the past few days, sunny, warm, no bugs. We are taking advantage of this and cutting as many trees as we can. We've hired Nathan a student here in Bancroft who has taken his chainsaw safety course and is very cautious when felling the trees.

So yesterday we went down to the garden area to cut down more Poplar and Basswood Trees to give the garden plants more sunlight this year.

Nathan busy cutting the notch.

Every lumberjack is happiest when the tree is safely down. Nathan is good, the trees fell exactly where we asked him to place them.

Each tree was cut up into 15" lengths for splitting later and burning next year. We have plenty of firewood for the next few years.

My job was to load the bobcat and take them up to the log-splitter.  Maybe in the summer I'll find time to split and stack them for drying. Slowly we are getting things organized. 

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