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Friday 10 May 2013


Yesterday we moved the trailer. It's the first time we've hooked up and pulled the trailer in over a year. It sure felt good, just like old times. The only thing missing were Marvin and Annie.

Now you've got to know that when grandpa heads for the truck one curious little guy is sure to follow. Owen loves all the switches, dials and sounds everything makes in the cab. So he and Mary helped me with the move. Owen made the noises, Mary gave directions and I did what I was told. I'm learning.

So here's the team giving directions from the bug free environment while I'm outside making sure everything is OK.

Grandpa, look what I found?

If it's got moving parts, Owen has to check it out. Grandpa's tools are better than Fisher-Price toys.

Still having fun up in the north country.

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