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Sunday, 5 May 2013


I have a friend on the west coast who has just taken up model airplane flying. I hope you  enjoy this entry Mike.

Charles (Ben's brother) has a love affair with flying. Last year he got his licence and every opportunity he gets he's soaring high above the clouds.

You can imagine a young man, on a very tight budget doesn't get to fly nearly as often as he would like. Flying isn't cheap even if you rent a plane. Owning one is out of reach for most of us but Charles is very resourceful.

Things are cheap on "Kijji" and when we are in the market for something most of us check this source for first possibilities.

Guess what Charles found? 

If you guessed "airplane" you are right. This isn't one of those models you fly from the ground, this is one you get into and feel the wind in your face. It's a two seater. The plane was first designed in 1929 and used a Ford Model A engine.  It's called a Pietenpol Aircamper. Today the grandson is still selling the plans.

Charles found this one, as a partial built that had been abandoned by its original owner. 

Imagine the heart palpitations when Charles saw this on Kijji and then to actually take it home to finish it, oh, what a find!

So with the major body parts assembled, the next big step is covering them in fabric, finding a suitable motor, wheels, and getting it certified for flying.

Some day next summer, Charles will fly low over our place, dip his wing, then head out across the lake, arms waving, scarf flying in the breeze and his leather helmet keeping him warm in his open cockpit.

Enjoy the flight Charles, can't wait to see your first lift-off from the Bancroft airport.

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