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Friday 17 May 2013


Beer Can Chicken is a popular way to do a whole chicken on the BBQ. It keeps the bird very moist and guaranties you will not burn it in the process.

We first filled this ceramic bowl with beer, placed the chicken over the bowl and then onto the grill. For those who prefer a basic approach to cooking simply open a can of beer, drink half and place the chicken over what's left. 

As the chicken cooks the beer evaporates and keeps the bird moist.

Every ten minutes we sprayed the bird with a dressing Mary had prepared. We cooked the bird at 375*F and found it very easy to control the temperature of the "Big Green Egg" 

Voila! After an hour and a half it was done to perfection and delicious. We were delighted with the taste and succulent meat this method of cooking produced.

Did you notice the chocolate desserts in the header collage?  We did those on the BGE as well and they were even better than the chicken. Of course I'm partial to desserts; especially chocolate desserts.

We are off on a short road trip. Mary is taking a quilting class and we are also dropping in to visit with my sisters so we may not be posting much for a week or so.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us. Safe travels and enjoy the long weekend.

If you are heading north, bring your bug shirt. The blackflies are out in full force and are just waiting to greet you. 

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