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Friday, 3 May 2013


Some jobs are not fun but they have to be done. Most jobs around the house fall into that category but when the sun is shining and the weather is perfect it's great to tackle those outside jobs.

Cleaning the window screens was first on the agenda. We now have an outside water tap so washing the screens in the warm morning sun was actually quite enjoyable.

While they dried in the sun we went down to the chicken coop and removed the layer of clear plastic we had installed as winter protection. Up here we don't take our snow tires off until the end of April and the coop stays wrapped in plastic until the first of May. The chickens like to stay warm.

In the afternoon we cut down more trees so before lunch I checked the saws to make sure they would all start and run after sitting idle all winter. Of course I sharpened each chain and gave them fresh gas so all were ready for work. 

Our plan is to open up more of the forest so we can see the pond but still maintain suitable habitat for the birds, turtles, frogs and snakes. I'm sure Owen will be excited when he sees his first turtle come up and lay her eggs.

Time to get back to work. Thanks for stopping by.

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