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Friday, 24 January 2014


Another cold morning here in Bancroft, -33*C. For our snowbird friends enjoying the warm sunshine on a beach somewhere, don't rush home. 

With the bobcat stuck Paul has been looking after clearing our driveway.

Since I'm stuck sideways on a hill and I don't want to risk the bobcat rolling over I've decided to wait until the snow melts then use the truck to pull it out. By then I can see what the ground is like and know which way to pull it safely.

We are expecting another 10 cm of snow later today so hopefully Paul will drop by some time Saturday morning. It's great to have someone to clear the driveway and look after the place.

We have started thinking ..... Maple Syrup. This will be our first year making our own and right now we are gather supplies: bottles, jugs, line, wood. Our plan is to tap 15 - 20 trees and learn from that experience. If all goes well and we are happy with the results we will expand the production a little each year. 

Glad to hear Bob is back on the road.

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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