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Thursday 9 January 2014


A mild morning here, only down to -20*C when we got up. 

The sun is to appear later which will be good for our batteries as they are down to 71% this morning. A good sunny day and they will be back to 100% by 3 pm.

We haven't had the finches around this winter but on Tuesday 6 showed up and yesterday there must have been 30. Not sure what they do for winter or where they go but it's good to see them at the feeders again.

Mary is busy with her quilts. She came home from yesterday's meeting with new ideas and excitement about future possibilities. Hopefully this means she will find some exciting quilt shows in places like Calgary, or St. John's and I'll have an excuse to hook up the trailer and hit the road.

Off to the mill this morning to get wood for our windowsills. Always something to do on the place.

Safe travels friends and thanks for stopping by.

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