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Saturday 11 January 2014


We are into a January thaw which is typical of our winters here. A week ago we were dealing with -30*C (-22*F) temperatures today we expect the temperature to climb to +5*C (41*F). That is a considerable temperature swing and brings with it some unique situations and concerns.

One condition we experience is fog. As the warm air from the south  rolls across the frozen ground the air begins to cloud up and reduce ones viewing distance. It's like a cloud descends on your town. You can watch it first appear on the hill tops then slowly move down the slope into the valley. The moisture content will determine  how restrictive the fog is to your view. When it's thick it's like walking inside a cloud and your view is extremely limited.

Another challenge with the mild temperatures is rain. Our roof already has 2-3 feet of heavy snow and ice on it. Add another 15-20mm of rain and it might be too much for some roofs up here. I saw a man shovelling his roof yesterday just like you shovel your sidewalk. Obviously he was concerned about the snow load too.

Nathan may come later this morning to cut trees, it will all depend on the weather. 

Right now it's just sloppy and slippery underfoot.

This is the best medicine for sloppy days. Fresh batches of chocolate chip cookies just out of the oven,

I'll post some pictures if Nathan shows up..

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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