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Thursday, 23 January 2014


Too much happening to stay off the internet for a month.  First off my bobcat is stuck, I mean really stuck. Every time I try to wiggle it out it slides further down the hill so I think I'll just leave it until spring when I can just drive it out.

Today we are making fire-starters. This idea came from Jamie who makes much nicer more elaborate ones. Ours are basic, Bancroft bush construction.

First you need strips of cardboard. Since I just bought new Sorels and they are wonderful, keeping my feet toasty warm when we walk on the lake, I had lots of cardboard.

Next step was to melt old candles in a tin pot on the wood stove.

Dip the strips into the paraffin and let it dry. Fires starters. Just place on a crumpled bile of paper, stack in some some wood strips and light the fire-starter. You get a fire every time. 

Make sure you use a Bancroft match!

Safe travels everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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