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Sunday 12 January 2014


Yesterday was a truly miserable day weather wise; cloudy, rainy, sloppy, foggy. Not the best day to be outside. Even Nathan who loves the outdoors called to say it was just too unsafe to be cutting trees.

Our driveway became a pond with the incline a water slide. By lunch time I was ready to get out and head north to the market at Maynooth but Mary wasn't sure we would make it. She was almost right.

House January 12th

Our driveway and cottage road presented the most challenge, slippery and rutted. Going out I could feel the car wanting to go its own direction on the hills. Fortunately the new snow tires could get just enough grip to keep us out of the ditch. Getting back up the hill might prove impossible.

For those of you who have been here you may remember that we have a bake oven right at the top of our driveway. Getting to the top on ice means taking a run at it and hoping the car behaves. Closer to the top, more gas was need. The tires spun and we started to move sideways. Would it be the ditch or the bake oven? Fortunately our tires found some gravel, took hold and straightened out. Up over the top and now we could coast the rest of the way.

This morning the driveway is snow covered and soft. Maybe we can get enough traction to get out safely, maybe not. We will see.

If we end up in the ditch I wont tell.

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