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Sunday, 26 January 2014


The big news yesterday was the arrival of Rebecca's little boy around 8 pm. Mother and baby are doing well. Congratulations Rebecca and Jason. We are looking forward to hearing all the details.

Lots of light fluffy snow fell while the baby was being born and now our cottage road needs to be plowed. As we have no plans for today there is no rush to see this job done. 

The wind worked her magic sculpturing the snow on the roof and around the house as the storm blew through.

Our bobcat continues to sit idle on the hill and we rely on Paul and Steve to clear the driveway when needed. 

We are warm, comfortable and enjoying the peace and quiet of the forest. 

I'll post pictures after we get back from our walk.

Safe travels everyone.

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  1. Hi there in the cold! What a big difference with our temparatures of 24 today, but as you know in the night it is much colder: about 10 degrees.Keep warm these days; you are on our mind. Greetings, Ad and Gertie