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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


This morning after breakfast we had to teach Christiane how to use the bobcat. She is visiting from Germany and we needed to move and burn brush so it was the perfect time for some basic lessons.

A quick explanation of how to use the joysticks 

and Christiane was dumping brush where we needed it.

Leanne tried to keep the fire going but the brush was just too wet. Even when we poured diesel fuel on it the brush wouldn't burn.

If the brush wouldn't burn there is always wood to split. Tonight we are suppose to get our first major snowstorm of the season, 10 - 20 cm. I think we have plenty of firewood to keep us warm.

I moved more brush back into the bush while the girls took a hike back to the ponds.  At least there are no bugs to deal with this time of year.

Tomorrow it's snow tires and shoveling snow. Are you missing winter?

Stay warm and dry and drive safely everyone.

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  1. I learned in my studies that desil fuel doesn't light easily like 'regular' gasoline does. I couldn't go into detail though, I just remember there is a there is a different type of combustion part in a desil engine, rather than a spark.