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Tuesday 5 November 2013


This morning I have a sore throat so I think we will just take it easy today and try and consume lots of hot lemon and ginger drink.

Williamsburg was the capital of Virginia back in 1770 and all serious criminal cases were tried here. This meant prisoners had to be brought to the capital and housed until their trial was concluded. This sturdy jail was built for just that purpose.

This was the livingroom of the jailer and his family. Prisoners when first brought to the jail were processed in this room before being taken to a cell.

Steps leading to the exercise yard.

The jail from the outside.

Next was the apothecary shop where your medicine would be prepared once you explained your illness and symptoms.  Maybe I should go back there this morning.

Each time you enter a different shop you need to show your ticket. We simply wore ours on our coat where it could easily be seen. Note the counter hidden in this gentleman's left hand. 

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  1. Oil of Oregano is good for a sore throat too. Hope you will feel better soon!