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Saturday, 9 November 2013


We arrived shortly after three yesterday and had time to unpack and stroll the beach before the sun disappeared.

From the door of our unit to the beach is a two minute walk. 

Fishermen worked their magic from the water's edge as the sun began to signal the end of another day.

Way off in the distance the customary  pier juts out like a crooked finger into the Atlantic. Some day this week it will be a destination walk as I'm sure we will cover many miles on this beach before heading home. It's good to travel but for us we need a home base and always look forward to seeing family and friends again.

A year ago Don and I drove Daytona Beach. Well Don, they allow driving on the beach here as well, but we will be walking only.

The last light flickers across the waves as we head back inside full of anticipation for the new morning and adventures ahead.

Safe travels everyone.

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