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Friday 29 November 2013


Yesterday the sun came out and we just had to go for a walk in the bush.

We have snow but not nearly as much as my sisters in London. They've really been hit hard with over 4 feet of snow this week.

The woods are so quiet and peaceful this time of year. Not a sound except the water trickling through the creek and our boots crunching the snow. With the sun on our backs it was the perfect time for a winter hike.

Every hike needs a destination so we always stop by to visit neighbours. Here we chat with Lee who is busy chopping wood for the stove. We do a lot of chopping up here, down south they do a lot of shopping. Chopping or shopping what is your preference?

Back home it was time for the artists to get their creative juices flowing. Here Christiane uses varies media she found on her hike to create her design.

Mary, Leanne and Christiane have a discussion about design. 

It has been wonderful having company this week but today the girls leave and head back to the city and it will be as quiet inside as it is outside. 

Thanks for stopping by and safe travels everyone.

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