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Sunday 10 November 2013


We've very easily slipped into a routine here at Peppertree. We will be here until Friday when we say goodbye and head for home.

Our mornings start with breakfast then out to the beach for our morning walk. Our destination today is the pier. We've come close a couple of times but today we intend to reach it and walk out on it. We will see. 

The morning walk is followed by a shower, followed by a snack, followed by a trip to the local fishmonger for some delicious local catch for lunch. When you are staying beside the ocean you want to eat from the ocean and yesterday's meal was so tasty we want to eat fish every day we are here.

So after the pier has been tagged and we've returned to cleanup and go into town we will first stop and load up on fish. 

The fishmonger is only open Thursday to Sunday so we plan to stockpile enough fish to get us through to Thursday. This is good eating, healthy eating the type of eating I should be doing all the time.

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