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Sunday, 24 November 2013


Winter has arrived. The snow is no longer melting and disappearing the same day. Ice is beginning to form on the lakes and our propane use is increasing. Presently we can get about 8 months of use from our tank of propane. I would like to extend that to 12 months and I think we can.

The more solar power we use the less propane we consume. Even in winter we can have sunny days and full batteries so we need to maximize the solar power on such days. 

This is our latest electric appliance that will help us reduce our propane consumption. It is a small toaster oven that now sits on our counter. With it we can bake, broil, warm, toast, just as long as it will fit in the small oven.

Now don't those biscuits look delicious and they were. Fresh out of the toaster oven and they didn't last long.

In the past we would have baked them in the large oven which uses propane. Now we will use the toaster oven and reduce the propane use.

Another helpful appliance is our wood stove.

Here, Mary cooks a pot of vegetarian chili on our wood stove, no propane.

We had a delicious lunch, ate well thanks to solar power and wood. 

We will continue to monitor our consumption and find ways to further reduce our dependence on propane. If you have any suggestions please send them along. Remember keep it simple.

Thanks for keeping an eye on us.

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