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Monday 11 November 2013


We made it! Actually walked all the way to the pier and spent a good hour watching the fishermen.

The pier sits on stilts, reinforced with cross-members, ready to stand against the next storm that sweeps up the Atlantic seaboard. From her crusty appearance I would guess she has seen quite a few storms. Today the sea was calm with the rollers just gentle making their way to shore.

Up top the east side seemed to be most popular. Although the wind was blowing we enjoyed sitting and watching the fishermen at work.

Once off the hook the fish is cleaned and made ready to take home for supper. 

We on the other hand went to the fishmonger and bought fish. The popular fish here is called "trigger fish" because of the dorsal fin that locks in place like a trigger for defence. 

Once again supper was delicious.

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