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Monday 18 March 2013


Whenever we get together with family and friends food is always central to the gathering.  We have many excellent cooks in the family and everyone always brings their favourite dish. 

Last week when Paul and family were here Mary decided to do buckwheat pancakes for breakfast. Olga had brought fresh fruit, Gerry and Jackie had given us maple syrup from their bush so pancakes were a natural choice.

Sausages almost ready.

Pancakes ready to come out of the pan.

Another cup of coffee while the second batch cooks.

Now we just need to find something delicious for "Freckles"

Breakfast was so good and I was so hungry I didn't get a picture of my full plate covered in yogurt and maple syrup. Trust me it was mouth watering. Wonder if I can convince Mary to make pancakes today?

Safe travels everyone. Don't rush home, there's more snow coming this week.

 Up-date 8 am

We had pancakes!

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