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Friday 29 March 2013


Maple syrup production is in full swing up here. The days are warm, nights are below freezing, perfect conditions to make the sap flow.

We visited our neighbours to get ideas for our own production set-up next year. Some tap 10 trees, other 30 and one does 150 trees. The more trees, the more sap, the larger the equipment you need to evaporate the water and boil the sap down to maple syrup.

Regardless of the number of trees you tap, everyone uses wood as their choice of fuel.  

Some neighbours don't even have a "sugar shack" just set up a fire pit in their driveway and boil away.

This is the type of set-up we will probably use next year, a few cinder blocks, a grate, a turkey pan and you are in business.

Jim even made a temporary shelter, just in case he has to be boiling sap while it is raining.

Other neighbours have a real sugar shack and tap over 100 trees.

The whole family is involved and the kids take turns collecting the sap and looking after the evaporator.

That steam you see rising off the evaporator is the water in the sap. You need 40 gallons of sap to get one gallon of maple syrup. You also need lots of wood, patience and help. 

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  1. One of the blogers I follow has a sugar bush.
    the rest of the blog probably isn't of interest to Art (she's a crafter and a mother of 5! and that's what she blogs about) but this post is about making syrup. They live in Maine.